Futuristfilm Ltd.

About Futuristfilm Ltd.

Futuristfilm Ltd. is an award winning digital film production company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 2003, Futuristfilm Ltd. makes high quality feature and short films. Futuristfilm Ltd enjoys ongoing and creative collaborations with filmmakers throughout Scotland the United Kingdom.

In 2013, Futuristfilm Ltd produced their first no-budget feature film called "The Students of Springfield Street" for only $6,000 and shot in 23-days in around Glasgow and the West of Scotland. The film had its World Premier at the Hoosierdance Film Festival in 2015 and has since played on three continents. It also won the Best Feature Film at the Aberdeen Film Festival 2015.

Our Feature Films

The Stduents of Springfield Street Futuristfilm
The Students of Springfield Street

The Students of Springfield Street follows twenty-four hours in the lives of six friends, examining the intricate weave of words, actions and emotions that unknowingly link and change the direction of their lives and how difficult it can be when debt, sickness, lies, drugs, pregnancy, unrequited love and assault weave their way into their ordinary lives.

96mins | Color | Stereo Sound

Our Short Films

Day-29 Futuristfilm

A man wakes up in a unfamiliar place and journeys through it over the course of 29 days.

7.5 mins
Black & White | Stereo Sound

Watch the trailer to our debut feature film, The Students of Springfield Street.

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